Until the middle of the last century, Barra da Tijuca was nothing more than a sequence of dunes, undergrowth, wetlands, and unsuitable for any type of plantation. Its history brings, in the 1667 years, a donation to the Benedictine religious, a later sale, and the difficulty of access, for being separated from the then Capital, by the mountains of the Tijuca National Park.

Its exploration began at the edges, with Jardim Oceânico being the most interesting neighborhood in the area, leading the private sector to build a bridge over the Tijuca Lagoon to facilitate access to it. In the 1960s, the urban project for the region was handed over to Lucio Costa, who designed the Barra da Tijuca Pilot Plan, similar to Brasília, favoring the wide avenues and large open spaces. Shortly after, the highway and the tunnel that connects Lagoa to Barra were built - and thus the future of Barra's occupation was traced.

The host of the 2016 Olympic Games, Barra da Tijuca has gained a new lease of life, and today it is a mixed neighborhood, which brings together commercial buildings where large national and international companies are located, shopping centers for different types of public, 5-star hotels with renowned restaurants, closed and self-contained condominiums, most of them with high standard buildings, and about 20 kilometers of beach for all types of sports. And it is the apple of the eye of the real estate market.



Barra da Tijuca is one of the neighborhoods on the west side of Rio de Janeiro that has grown the most in the last decade. What used to be far, is now right there, after São Conrado, only half an hour from Santos Dumont Airport.

  • Schools nearby: Carolina Patricio
  • Malls: Barra Shopping, Village Mall
  • Markets: South Zone, Uptown
  • Churches: São Francisco de Paula Parish, New Life Church of Barra da Tijuca
  • Squares: Sítio Roberto Burle Marx
  • Sports: natural on the beautiful beaches of Pepê, the trail to Praia do Secreto, cycling with the Rio Tour
  • Cinemas: Barra Shopping and Village Mall
  • Museums and Art Galleries: the City of the Arts, Brazilian Selection


The shopping malls and starred hotels in Barra da Tijuca are the best culinary options in the world.

  • The stars:
  • the Japanese Shiso
  • the Argentine Poor Juan
  • the French Le Vin
  • the Brazilian Capim Santo
  • Surprise:
  • Brazilian cuisine from O Beiju, at the Vogue Square Fashion Hotel by Lenny Niemeyer (formerly Best Western)
  • Bar and pub:
  • Boteco standing in the sand, Barraca do Pepê is still the most popular
  • German Kiosk, in Grumari, asks for a visit
  • The Padoca is the best place for a warm - even though it is a bakery, it serves a very cold beer
  • At Bar 399 it is good to arrive before 9 pm to find a place
  • And if you want a good wine with a board of cheeses and cold cuts, the address is the House of Wine, a store-bar with around 250 labels for all tastes


Because it is 18km long, Barra da Tijuca beach is perfect for sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, and stand up paddle, the sea has good waves to placid waters.

  • Prainha is the surfers' point, and its access is through Recreio dos Bandeirantes
  • Pepê Beach is considered the best beach in Barra, frequented by famous people, it was named after the businessman and super sportsman Pedro Paulo Carneiro Lopes, Pepê, who became known for his kiosk on the beach, for being a surfer and champion of flight hang gliding
  • Getting to Secreto beach is not an easy task, hence the name, and access is through Recreio dos Bandeirantes; on the way is Macumba beach; the tip is to go very early to see the sunrise
  • On the beach, Abricó is allowed to do nudism
  • Wilder beaches? Access is by trails, and the coolest and smallest is Perigoso, with access through Barra de Guaratiba
  • The Barra Expedition Project is a good choice for those who want to stroll around Marapendi Lagoon accompanied by biologists with information on the region's fauna and flora
  • Take advantage when you are in Barra de Guaratiba to visit the Roberto Burle Marx site
  • Athlete calendar: in May the Barra da Tijuca Half Marathon takes place; in July the "Track & Field Run Series"; the Rio Tour is one of the biggest cycling events in South America, with varying dates
  • Samba in the foot? A Unidos da Barra da Tijuca represents the neighborhood in Rio's carnival


Barra da Tijuca has the largest concentration of shopping centers in Rio de Janeiro.

  • BarraShopping (the biggest of them all), Città América, Downtown, Rio Design Barra, are some of them
  • The Village Mall, on Avenida das Américas is the most sophisticated of them, with international stores such as Bottega Veneta, Burberry's, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada among other stars.

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