Metropolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires breathes culture, gastronomy, and history.

Stately buildings on Av. Alvear, the Museum of Latin American Art- MALBA,
Borges Cultural Center, dedicated to Argentine writer and poet José Luis Borges, Teatro Colón, one of the five best in the world, the El Ateneo bookstore, the best known in Buenos Aires and the second most beautiful in the world according to The Guardian, Puente De La Mujer Puerto Madero, signed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, Tango, the music and dance that embraces the city, in addition to historical monuments.



Museums, music (tango), theaters, bookstores, shopping, and rich gastronomy are the highlights of the city. Neighborhoods like Recoleta, Palermo (Soho and Hollywood) - the hottest in Buenos Aires, with a modern lifestyle, packed with shops, restaurants, and cafes, Puerto Madero and Palermo as well as walks through some streets dedicated only to pedestrians. Restaurants that favor "parilla", cafés, alfajores, and dulce de leche stores and several ice cream parlors.

  • Schools nearby: Colégio Rio Branco
  • Hospitals: Hospital Alemán and Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
  • Shopping malls: Galeria Pacífico, inspired by the Galerie Lafayette in Paris and with works of art painted on the walls, Patio Bullrich and Recoleta Mall
  • Markets: Stump and Disc
  • Churches: Buenos Aires Cathedral
  • Hotels: Four Seasons, Alvear (a classic), Park Hyatt and Faena, with design by Philippe Starck
  • In sports: Jockey Clube, Hurlingham Club, Polo Clube
  • Cinemas: Cinépolis (Recoleta Mall)
  • Museums: Museum of Latin Art of Buenos Aires- MALBA, Borges Cultural Center, Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires


Haute cuisine, signed by great chefs

  • Well known:
  • Don Julio, Tegui, from the award-winning chef Germán Martitegui, La Carniceria, Warnes - author cuisine
  • Afternoon tea at the Alvear hotel and Café Tortoni in Palermo
  • Empanadas: La Cocina, El Sanjuanino
  • Ice cream shops: Freddo, Cadone and Rapa NuiBares:
  • Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Floreria Atlantico
  • Afternoon tea at the Alvear hotel
  • Empanadas: La Cocina, El Sanjuanino


In addition to bike rides through Palermo and Avenida Alvear, visits to historic monuments and museums, tango shows.

  • Drinks, Lunches, and Dinners
  • In sports: Polo Clube, Hurlingham Club
  • Cinemas: Cinépolis Recoleta Mall
  • Museums: Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires- MALBA, Borges Cultural Center, Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires


Sophisticated stores in Patio Bullrich and Galeria Pacífico, as well as several hidden stores in Palermo.

  • Well known:
  • Fashion: Max Mara, Clavin Klein, Bally and Zara
  • Markets: Disco, Coto, Mercado Boqueria, Santelmo and Progresso
  • Wines: Grand Cru

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