Fazenda Boa Vista is located one hour from São Paulo, the only resort with two 18-hole golf courses, an Olympic-style equestrian center, and unparalleled landscaping: centuries-old trees, native forests, and lakes on all sides.

FBV has a Hotel Fasano that expresses the original style of Isay Weinfeld, the architect of all common areas and amenities in this incomparable condominium.

Some of the greatest architects in Brazil have projects there, from charming villas, with houses of 300 m2 to residences of over 3 thousand m2. Since the inauguration in 2008, the FBV has experienced a solid appreciation of the land and houses built there.

Segregated into small regions, Fazenda Boa Vista has houses of classic and contemporary styles perfectly integrated with stunning landscaping projects.

Soon, with the opening of Boa Vista Village, next to the farm, this new JHSF project will have a Shopping Mall, office buildings, a wave pool with an artificial beach, and several other amenities for FBV owners.

The question: buy a ready house and enjoy all these privileges right away, or finish one and choose all the last details, or build the house exactly like your dreams? Only those who breathe the air of Boa Vista daily know the differences between so many options.



One hour far from São Paulo, at km 102.5 of Castelo Branco highway, the project has 3 million square meters of closed and preserved forests, alleys with centennial trees, and dozens of lakes. Landscaping is integrated with nature, and designed by Maria João D'Orey, the design of the common areas by Isay Weinfeld.

  • Hotel Fasano - with 39 apartments, 12 of which are suites (another 10 suites are under construction), Fasano bar and restaurant, swimming pool, convention hall, Spa with hairdresser and gym
  • Golf - with 2 18-hole golf courses designed by Randall Thompson and Arnold Palmer, 2 clubhouses with Fasano service and driving range for lessons and training
  • Equestrian Center - 1 covered arena, 2 tracks, one with grass, the other with sand for Olympic competitions, 2 polo fields of international category, veterinary center, 4 stables with 20 stalls each and horses for riding lessons and hiking trails, delimitated with the farm
  • Sports Centers - spread over Fazenda Boa Vista, with 18 gravel tennis courts, Lisonda and hard thru, beach tennis courts, soccer, squash courts, and several other multi-sport courts
  • Empório Boa Vista - for last-minute purchases, including imported wines, cheeses, hams, pasta, gourmet cut meats, etc. and complete snack bar
  • Kids Club - with 2 indoor swimming pools, 2 skate rinks, playroom, cinema, specialized monitoring
  • Farm - facilities to house sheep, chickens, rabbits, peacocks and the possibility to drink fresh milk from the cow
  • Sports Club - with specific equipment for triathlon training, a 3.4 km private circuit for cycling and running, and 1 lake for swimming
  • Clube Novo (under construction) - with several swimming pools, lounges for social activities, sports and recreational activities for children
  • Medical Center - with 24-hour assistance and 2 ICU ambulances
  • Boa Vista Village (new condo next to the FBV, in launch) - with swimming pool with an artificial beach for surfing, 1 golf course with 12 holes, designed by Rees Jones, tennis arena for professional championships
  • Shopping mall with several shops and office buildings


Snacks, drinks, and a gourmet menu are available at Fazenda Boa Vista.

  • Fasano bar and restaurant
  • Emporio Boa Vista
  • Club House of Golf bar and restaurant
  • Future restaurants in the new Shopping Mall, in the launching project Boa Vista Village


Numerous activities are practiced within Boa Vista, all outdoors, with appropriate infrastructure for different styles.

  • Golf
  • Equitation
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Triathlon
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Pole
  • Beach Tennis
  • Surfing
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Social activities - at clubhouse and Hotel Fasano
  • Sports and recreational activities with monitoring for children


From decorative items to organic products, the project guarantees access to everything you may need without leaving your home.

  • Emporio Boa Vista
  • Sinhá Casa
  • Varied kiosks at Centrinho Comercial
  • Several stores in the new Shopping Mall, in the development being launched Boa Vista Village

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