Entertaining, even if you don't know them, in a week you will make new friends and you will be received in many cozy and nice houses.

In what other condominiums can your children practice wakeboarding? And your golf teacher takes you to travel, and discover other courses in the world?

The big question today is: to buy a overlooking lot of the golf course and plan your home from the beginning, or buy a finished house on the new Boulevard, designed by Dado Castello Branco and Toninho Scarpa, recently launched, but with a few still available, or buy a lot in Praia da Grama, which will have the 1st artificial beach and surf pool in the country and numerous new amenities.



70 kilometers far from São Paulo, accessed by Anhanguera and Bandeirantes highways, at the Miguel Melhado Campos highway, at kilometer 83.5, in Itupeva (SP). It is the highest standard condominium closest to the city of São Paulo, about 45 minutes from Faria Lima. 3,3000,000 m², launched in 3 phases, the third with delivery (or launch) scheduled for December 2020, together with the PRAIA DA GRAMA complex, launched but under construction. Natural landscape. Respect for nature, inside and outside the enterprise. Protection of springs, lakes, forests, vegetation in general, wild fauna, soil and air. Lots from 2,200 to 3,300 m². The lots can be purchased together with the house project. Architectural projects and interior design developed by Sig Bergamin, Gui Mattos, Antonio Scarpa, Dado Castello Branco, Leonardo Junqueira e Bernardes Arquitetura, Padovani Arquitetos and Felipe Caboclo Arquitetura. Helipad: Latitude: 23º 03 '33 "- South, Longitude: 47º 03' 45" - West, SSIZ Code

  • Infrastructure :
  •  Fiber optic network, internet, open and closed TV, CCTV for all houses. PABX telephone system, with internal calls at no cost.
  •  Underground power wiring
  • American type guides, with personalized posts.
  • Permeable pavements that favor the infiltration of water in the soil.
  • Sustainability
  • Use of organic residues from green areas in fertilizing gardens.
  • Own water distribution system.
  • Reuse of water for outdoor areas.
  • Environmentally friendly sewage treatment.
  • Computerized irrigation with a pumping system that reduces water and electricity costs on the golf course.
  • Irrigation of green areas and golf course with non-potable water.
  • Lighting with lamps that do not affect wildlife.
  • Garbage collection.
  • 60,000 m2 of forest and springs at Fazenda da Grama are intended to integrate the natural forest with agriculture. Fruit trees, legumes, spices and native species are being planted for this purpose.
  • Safety
  • 100% walled property
  • Intelligent 24 hour security system. Surveillance by infrared cameras and presence sensors.
  • High-range cameras (Domus). CCTV - Closed Circuit Television, with viewing in all residences.
  • Panic button in homes.
  • Home presence alarm controlled by the monitoring room.
  • And more:
  • Mobile ICU on weekends, holidays and vacations.
  • Round 24 hours
  • Club House
  • 2,000 m2 meeting point, designed by architect Sig Bergamin with bar, lounge, restaurant, home theater, snooker room and shop, terrace overlooking the golf course.
  • Social Club
  • Complete leisure structure, with courts, heated pool, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, bicycles. Kids space, playroom, outdoor playground, lounge for young people, restaurant and snack bar.
  • Lake House
  • Casa do Lago's restaurant is on the edge of a 150,000 m2 lake, designed by Antonio Scarpa and decorated by Dado Castello Branco, with several entertainment options around.
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Tennis
  • Skate, scooter and bikes
  • Hotel
  • Designed by Sig Bergamin, 12 suites for the exclusive use of owners and their guests, some of them combined.
  • SPA
  • Massage, hairdresser, dry sauna and jacuzzi
  • Golf
  • Designed by the designer of golf courses Brian Costello, according to the USGA standard, it has 700,000 m² of area, 18 holes, Par 72, driving range and 2 putting greens and 4 tees.
  • Sports
  • gym
  • 6 tennis courts (4 clay and 2 fast)
  • 2 grassy soccer fields
  • Bocce (1 quick bocce court)
  • Beach Tennis
  • Beach Volley
  • Cable ski for WakeBoard with obstacles
  • Golf course with 18 holes
  • Stand up paddle and kayak on the lake
  • Pump Track for skateboard, scooter and bike
  • Slack Line
  • Trails
  • Cooper track
  • Snooker
  • Lake
  • 150,000 m2 for sports and contemplation with: skate and bicycle rink, slack line, jogging and walking trail, waterfront restaurant, outdoor lounge designed by Antonio Scarpa and decorated by Dado Castello Branco.
  • Water sports
  • Cable skiing for wakeboarding with obstacles, stand up paddle, kite surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, swimming
  • Equitation
  • Equitation Center with:
  • 2 riding stables: one open and one covered
  • 20 bays
  • Jump track
  • Dressage Track
  • Vault
  • Condo walking trails
  • Amenities
  • Headquarters with restaurant, bar, snack bar, lounge,
  • Snooker Room
  • Home theater
  • Youth Lounge
  • Skate lane
  • Bike
  • Slack Line
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Tennis
  • Lake for water sports: Cable Park for wakeboard with obstacles Sailing, Kitesurfing, Canoe, Kayak, Fishing, Swimming
  • Spa: Massage, hairdresser, heated pool, Jacuzzi, dry sauna
  • Kids space, playroom, outdoor playground
  • In addition to lots for sale, Fazenda da Grama developed Boulevard da Grama, a condominium within Fazenda da Grama, offering ready-made houses with projects signed by architects Antonio Scarpa and Dado Castello Branco.
  • 26 independent houses
  • Built area of ​​380 m2 on land ranging from 1,000 to 1,550 m2, with 4 suites (or 3 suites + home theater), terrace with 50 m2, and swimming pool.
  • The grass beach (scheduled for late 2020)
  • A beach inside Fazenda da Grama, with 1 kilometer of white sand that does not heat, Wavegarden technology (Spanish company that developed the Cove 2.0 wave technology, the most complete and efficient on the planet), which forms perfect waves for surfing 0,5 to 2 meters high and 357 exclusive lots
  • Complete Beach Club, designed by architect Gui Mattos and landscaped by Benedito Abbud
  • Sushi Bar
  • Beach Bar
  • SPA
  • Indoor pool
  • Fitness center
  • Beach tennis and volleyball


  • Excellent options without leaving the condo:
  • Club House bar and restaurant
  • Restaurant and Snack Bar at Club Social
  • Casa do Lago Restaurant
  • Sushi bar in Praia da Grama (planned)
  • The bar at Praia da Grama (planned)
  • Recently opened Armazém da Grama: grocery store
  • Some options close to the development:
  • Homemade country cuisine at Famiglia Menegon, next to Itupeva
  • Vittoria Osteria & Carni, in Jundiaí
  • Amadeus, in Indaiatuba


There is a multitude of program options within Fazenda da Grama:

    • 18-hole golf course
    • gym
    • 6 tennis courts (4 clay and 2 fast)
    • 2 grassy soccer fields
    • Bocce (1 quick bocce court)
    • Horsemanship
    • Beach Tennis
    • Beach volleyball
    • Cable ski for WakeBoard with goals
    • Stand up paddle and kayak on the lake
    • Pump Track for skateboard, scooter, and bike
    • Slack Line
    • Trails
    • Cooper track
    • Skate
    • Snooker
    • Bike
    • Cable Park for wakeboard with Sail search
    • Kitesurf
    • Canoe
    • Kayak
    • Fishing
    • Swimming
    • Spa with heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna
    • Kids Space
    • Toy library
    • Outdoor Playground
    • Massage
    • Steam room


There is a newly opened grocery store, Armazém da Grama. Indaiatuba and Campinas are just a few kilometers away, offering everything needed to supply homes, with many delivery services.

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