Not everyone knows where Jardim América ends and Jardim Europa begins due to the similarity of house profiles. But, it is simple. From the name of the streets, we discover from which “continent” it is inspired, although Jardim Europa is a term that encompasses both.

Close to the offices of Faria Lima, Shopping Center Iguatemi, some of the most celebrated restaurants, club Harmonia, Paulistano, Pinheiros, Hebraica, among others, this is the neighborhood of the most traditional and influential families in São Paulo. It has tree-lined streets, houses of different styles, and some of the most spectacular houses in the city.

One question: what is the coolest side? To the right or the left of Avenida Europa? What is the most valued street? Spain? Poland? Switzerland? Italy?
Only those who know each block can tell the value and the difference between them, which can be quite big.



Jardim América was the first “garden neighborhood” that Cia. City implemented. Europa, the second. The proposal: to build in these very bosky neighborhoods, houses with large gardens to harbor the most traditional families in São Paulo. And if this green island is strictly residential, around it are some of the best schools in the city, clubs, squares, shopping malls, shops, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, banks, pharmacies ...

  • Surrounding schools: the English School Saint Paul's, the international Concept, and the traditional Madre Alix
  • Malls: in addition to Shopping Iguatemi - the most popular in the city, in Jardim Europa and America there is the best decoration/design in Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, while Avenida Europa is famous for showrooms of imported cars
  • Markets: Pão de Açúcar, Empório Santa Maria, Padoca do Maní
  • Churches: Nossa Senhora do Brasil, São José and Perpétuo Socorro
  • Squares: Morungaba, Gastão Vidigal, General San Martin
  • Sport: Tennis Harmony Society, Clube Atlético Paulistano, Esporte Clube Pinheiros and Clube Hebraica
  • Cinemas: Cinemark from Iguatemi Shopping
  • Theaters: Procópio Ferreira, Eva Herz Room at Shopping Iguatemi
  • Museums: Museum of Image of Sound (MIS), Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MUBE), Emma Klabin Foundation, Museum of the Brazilian House (MCB)
  • Art Galleries: Carbono, Nara Roesler, Luciana Britto, ArteEdições, Zipper, Casa Triângulo


Some of the classic restaurants with international recognition have easy access for those who live in Jardim Europa and América.

  • Well known:
  • Rodeio (the most famous stakehouse of the city), Ritz, Le Jazz, Piselli (ultra creative handmade pasta) - at Shopping Iguatemi
  • Maní (from the awarded Helena Rizzo, one of the top 50th best restaurants by Pellegrino Ranking)
  • Adega Santiago
  • Taberna 474
  • Less known:
  • Pipo (MIS): restaurant by Rio de Janeiro chef Felipe Bronze with authorial cuisine with elaborate dishes and an intimate atmosphere
  • Olea
  • Mercearia São Roque
  • Mercearia do Conde
  • Santinho (Museu da Casa Brasileira)
  • Empório Ravioli


Jardim Europa and América offer much more than walks in its quiet streets and bosky squares. In addition to the (private) clubs Harmonia, Paulistano, Pinheiros, and Hebraica, the residents can count on:

  • Drinks, lunches, and dinners at restaurants around the neighborhood (see the Gastronomy section)
  • Movie theater - at Shopping Iguatemi
  • Art Exhibitions and Concerts in museums and several prestigious art galleries throughout the neighborhood


On Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, Shopping Iguatemi is located, a successful reference in shopping centers in South America. There, we can find everything: from starred restaurants (see the Gastronomy section), to trendy stores of international and national brands.

  • Fashion: Hermès, Cartier, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Reinaldo Lourenço, Le Soleil D'Eté, Lenny, Ricardo Almeida, Richards (at Iguatemi); Marisa Ribeiro (at Gabriel), Área 8 (at Joaquim Antunes)
  • Decoration: the address is Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva: Dpot, the German kitchen furniture Leicht; the traditional Trousseau for Bed, Table, and Bath; the Concept Firma Casa are some of them. Tânia Bulhões, on Colombia Street.
  • Wines: Art des Caves - cellars
  • Body and Mind: Bodytech, Una Yoga

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