Jardins is the heart of São Paulo. Everything you want and need is over here. Among dozens of charming streets, there are some worshiped buildings at Haddock Lobo, Bela Cintra, Ministro Rocha Azevedo, Peixoto Gomide, Barão de Capanema, many hidden villages, and dead-end streets.

It is the neighborhood of Oscar Freire's powerful stores, dozens of trendy and award-winning restaurants, charming houses on tree-lined streets, triplex penthouses with spectacular views.

Just choose the type and size of the property, there is a special one that almost nobody knows in Jardim Paulista. But only those familiar with each block can tell where the isolation and tranquility lie between so many streets.



The sum of three neighborhoods - Jardim Paulista, Jardim Paulistano, and Cerqueira César - offer very eclectic options to make life easier for the residents, all of them ultra interesting.

  • Surrounding schools: the traditional Dante Alighieri, Mater Dei, St. Pauls, Madre Alix, Objetivo, Concept, Brincarte
  • Hospitals: there are several and the main ones are Incor, Hospital das Clínicas, Instituto do Câncer, Hospital do Coração
  • Malls: CJ Shops (opening soon) across Oscar Freire Street, one of the most popular streets in the city, Shopping Cidade de São Paulo, at Paulista Avenue.
  • Markets: Casa Santa Luzia, the most complete gourmet supermarket in the city, several Pão de Açúcar
  • Churches: São Gabriel, Nossa Senhora do Brasil, Nossa Senhora Mãe da Igreja
  • Parks: Trianon
  • Sports: Clube Atlético Paulistano, Sociedade Harmonia de Tennis
  • Hotels: Renaissance, Fasano, Emiliano, Unique
  • Cinemas: Reserva Cultural, Cine Sesc, Kinoplex
  • Theater: Procópio Ferreira
  • Museums: MASP, Moreira Salles Institute, MIS (Museum of Image and Sound), MuBe (Museum of Sculpture), Emma Klabin Institute
  • Art Galleries: André, Carbono, Zipper, Dan Galeria, Luisa Strina Art Gallery
  • Bookstores: Culture, Livraria da Vila, Martins Fontes


Throughout the neighborhood, we find from bars to sophisticated restaurants and cultural activities to the most classic and the most alternative.

  • Cinemas: Reserva Cultural, Cine Sesc. Kinoplex
  • Theater: Procópio Ferreira, Renascença, Teatro Escola Célia Helena
  • Gym: Bio Ritmo, Formula, Smart Fit, Bodytech
  • Dance School: Stagium Ballet School, Anacã Dance Studio
  • Art Galleries: André, Carbono Art Gallery, Gustavo Rosa Institute, Zipper, Dan Gallery
  • Bookstores: Cultura, Livraria da Vila, Martins Fontes


The most renowned restaurants can be found in the neighborhood's surroundings.

  • Among the best known:
  • DOM - often voted one of the top 10 in the world
  • Gero - very disputed Italian
  • Fasano - traditional restaurant of classic Italian cuisine
  • Figueira Rubaiyat - perhaps with the most beautiful tree in the city
  • Piselli
  • Tanit
  • NIT Tapas Bar - the best tapas bar in town
  • Le Jazz - good music with French cuisine
  • Rodeo - classic meat shop
  • Z-Deli - the most popular hamburger in the city
  • Santiago Winery
  • Maní
  • Tree Bicchieri
  • Less Known:
  • Osteria del Pettirosso - artisanal Italian cuisine
  • Banana - Brazilian cuisine (MASP)
  • Capim Santo (MCB)
  • Albero Dei Gelatti - ice cream made with fruits and chocolate from small organic producers
  • Café Habitual
  • Sanduíches:
  • Frevo
  • Galeria do Pão
  • City Diner
  • America


Jardins Paulistano, Paulista, and the neighborhood of Cerqueira César have the most exquisite shops in tireless charming blocks.

  • Fashion: Reinaldo Lourenço, Gloria Coelho, Cris Barros, Richard's, Ricardo Almeida, NK Store
  • Decoration: Casual Móveis, Secret de Famille, MiCasa, Artefacto, Missoni, Brentwood, Firma Casa
  • Numerous boutiques on Oscar Freire Street
  • Ouro Fino Gallery
  • Wine: Grand Cru
  • Gourmet: Casa Santa Luzia

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