It has a great location, close to several neighborhoods.

It breathes health and from the windows of its buildings you can see the Corcovado and the Cristo Redentor, very beautiful.

Equitation, Jockey and Botanical Gardens and many other clubs complement the neighborhood.

With so much excitement and movement, only those who walk through its blocks know the corners of the Lagoa that have the tranquility to rest after so much exercise.



One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, which surrounds Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Close to the Botanical Garden, where you can find the restaurants and shops of the "hype" street in the city, as well as Leblon and Ipanema.

  • Schools nearby: Notre Dame and Escola Pedra da Gávea
  • Hospitals: Hospital da Lagoa
  • Malls: Shopping da Gávea, Rio Design Leblon, Shopping Leblon, Lagoon Complex
  • Clubs: Clube dos Caiçaras, Clube dos Marimbás, Clube Monte Líbano, Jockey Clube Brasileiro
  • Markets: South Zone and Fonte da Saudade Market
  • Churches: São José da Lagoa Parish
  • Hotels: Sol de Ipanema, Mar Ipanema, Fasano, January
  • Sports: Nautical at the Caiçaras Club, Kayak and Paddle at the Lagoon, Wake surfing, hiking and cycling around the Lagoon
  • Cinemas: Net Gávea Station, Lagoon Complex
  • Museums: Casa Eva Klabin - collection from 1903 to 1991
  • Galleries: Ibeu, Carpentry and Nara Roesler


The best restaurants in Rio are found in the Jardim Botânico, which also has traditional bars.

  • Oteque - contemporary cuisine by chef Alberto Landgraf, with a great wine list
  • Olympe - by the renowned Claude Troisgros, today commanded by his son Thomás
  • Green Bird Sud - chef Roberta Sudbrack
  • Rubaiyat - traditional meat store in São Paulo overlooking the Jockey Club
  • Casa Camolese
  • Gero
  • Less known:
  • Grado
  • Bars:
  • Bar Lagoa - one of the oldest in Rio, a classic
  • La Carioca ceviceria
  • Palaphita Kitsch - to go the night by the pond
  • Gourmet:
  • Carandaí House


In addition to walking and cycling around the Lagoa, walking through the charming streets of the Botanical Gardens, Ipanema and Leblon.

  • Drinks, Lunches and Dinners at the Botanical Garden, in Ipanema and Leblon
  • Sports: Caiçaras Club, hiking and cycling around the Lagoon
  • Cinema: Net Gávea Station, Lagoon Complex
  • Museums: Casa Eva Klabin - collection from 1903 to 1991


Well-known stores at Shopping da Gávea, but the coolest ones are scattered around the streets of the Botanical Garden.

  • Well known:
  • Fashion: Shopping da Gávea - Lenny Niemeyer, Richard's, Track and Field, Antonio Bernardo, Osklen
  • Decoration: Oba and Dimlux
  • Dona Coisa multibrand
  • Less known:
  • Fashion: Os-On Studio, Secret Collective, Sardin (thrift store)
  • Jewel: Atelier Schiper

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