Delfim Moreira, Avenida da Praia, and its powerful buildings, with terraces, plunged in the sand. Or the old buildings, high and low, with many updated apartments and retrofitted buildings.

Modern brand stores, bookstores such as Argumento, Formidable, Celeiro, Jobi, Bracarense, and Chico and Alaide- the best bars in the South Zone.

In Leblon, you get lost with so many alternatives. Only those who breathe Leblon's air daily can say that they know it well.



One of the most charming neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Leblon is the most carioca of the neighborhoods in Rio. Very familiar, with children running around the squares, beautiful people, quiet beach, the best bars in the world, several shops, and restaurants on Rua Dias Ferreira.

  • Schools nearby: Colégio Santo Agostinho
  • Malls: Rio Design Leblon and Shopping Leblon
  • Markets: South Zone
  • Churches: Nossa Senhora da Gávea
  • Hotels: Janeiro, Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel, Ritz Leblon
  • Squares: Antero de Quental, Zozimo Barroso do Amaral, Jardim Visconde de Albuquerque
  • Sport: Clube dos Caiçaras, Jockey Club of Rio de Janeiro, Clube Monte Líbano
  • Cinemas: Kinoplex Leblon, Cinemark Shopping Leblon
  • Art Galleries: A Quadra, A Schwartz


Some of the classic restaurants with international recognition have easy access to Leblon's residents.

  • Well known:
  • Gero - paulista restaurant branch
  • Leblon Sushi
  • Barn
  • Venga
  • Giuseppe Grill
  • Oro - chef Felipe Bronze
  • January
  • Chez Claude - by chef Claude Troisgros
  • Capixaba butcher - gourmet mini market
  • Deli Gil - imported food and beverage products
  • Momo Ice Cream
  • Less known:
  • Nam Thai
  • Massa + Ella - Italian
  • CT Boucherie - Chef Claude Troisgros's steakhouse
  • Bars:
  • Janeiro Hotel
  • Azur - by the sea
  • Venga - Spanish tapas
  • Void
  • Esch café - tobacconist and bar
  • Pubs:
  • Bracarense - the best cassava cake with shrimp
  • Jobi - for the last draft beer and a delicious ham sandwich
  • Belmonte


In addition to the beach, the most disputed point is in front of Posto 12, a walk along the shore to the Leblon viewpoint, with one of the most beautiful views of the city. Walks through charming streets, such as Dias Ferreira, full of shops, restaurants, and bars.

  • Walks along the shore, water sports at Clube Caiçaras
  • Boardwalk open on Sundays from the Leblon viewpoint to Arpoador
  • Beach classes for children and adults in Voley, Fut volley, beach tennis, and surfing
  • Drinks, lunches, and dinners at restaurants around the neighborhood (see the Gastronomy section)
  • Cinema: Kinoplex Leblon, Cinemark Shopping Leblon
  • Art exhibitions in the most prestigious galleries


Several little buildings on Rua Dias Ferreira, street stores, and two shopping centers.

  • Well known:
  • Fashion: Lenny, Richards, Cris Barros, Vix, Zara, Adriana Barra
  • Less known:
  • Fashion: Maria Manuela, Antonia Bernardo, Frida Kahlo and Felipa (beautiful espadrilles)
  • Decoration: Dust - contemporary design store
  • Bookstore: Argumento

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