If you think about it, few places in the world have beaches as wonderful as those between Guarujá and São Sebastião.

The exuberant Atlantic Forest mixed with rivers, waterfalls, surprising slopes, and beaches for all tastes. Small, large, with soft or beaten sand, sea with or without waves.

Not to mention the Islands, a separate chapter.

In the Serra do Guararu Park is the beaches of São Pedro, Iporanga, and Praia das Conchas. A little further on is Tijucopava and Taguaíba. For decades they were protected and little known. They were discovered and today they host condominiums of the highest standards. The best: they kept their access limited to a few cars, and created severe environmental protection measures for both apartment owners and tourists. Because they are isolated, it is necessary to go to Guarujá to get supplies or go for a walk.

Crossing the ferry, passing Bertioga, the most popular beaches are Barra do Una, Barra do Sahy, Praia da Baleia, Juquehy, Camburi, Maresias, and going further, crossing a second ferry, the beautiful Ilhabela.

But there are also other beaches, less known, but equally sophisticated and with sensational houses like Engenho, Praia Preta, Praia das Conchas.

The beautiful São Paulo coast is the object of many people's desires. With so many people with this dream in common, how do you find your place in the sun and some privacy? Only those who walk through its sands and hills know what is yet to be discovered.



The best beaches on the coast of São Paulo, are right after Guarujá, in Parque Serra do Gararu, and crossing the ferry to Bertioga and continue along the north coast, where there are more infrastructure, great restaurants, and natural beauty.

  • Malls: Shopping Pátio Camburi (shops, ice cream parlor, pizzeria, bookshop), Shopping Juquehy
  • Markets: Barra do Una Supermarket; Bom Gosto do Litoral, Juquehy; Isabel Market, Barra do Sahy; Emporium Cambury Market; Extra, Boiçucanga; The Supermarket and Prime Day, Maresias; Colina Sul, Ilhabela
  • Churches: Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, Barra do Una; Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Santana, Barra do Sahy; Capela Santa Cruz, Ilhabela (where several charming weddings are held)
  • Hotels: Hotel Canoa, Barra do Una; Nau Royal Hotel Boutique e Spa, Juquehy; Pousada Aldeia do Sahy, Barra do Sahy; Pousada Vila Camboa, Cambury; Maui, Maresias; DPNY Beach Hotel, Ilhabela
  • Marinas: Barra do Una Yacht Club, Ilhabela Yacht Club


Charming restaurants with seafood cuisine, sophisticated, some of them by the beach, bars for drinks.

  • Most known:
  • Manacá, Camburizinho
  • Acqua, Camburi
  • Gisele, Barra do Una (by the river Una)
  • Badauê, Juquehy and Maresias
  • Candeeiro Pizzaria Restaurant Reviews, Camburizinho
  • Marakuthai and Vianna, Ilhabela;
  • Gourmet:
  • Parmalat Ice Cream Shop, Camburi
  • Free Port Cafe, Ilhabela
  • Less known:
  • Ogan, Camburi
  • Balena, Siriúba beach in Ilhabela (charming drinks by the sea and fresh lunch, delicious coconut rice with shrimp)


In addition to the beaches, the North Coast offers a variety of activities, such as water sports, paddle tennis, stand up, hiking, cycling, sailing, and surfing.

  • Beach walks, water sports, bike rides, sailing, surfing, waterfall trails
  • Drinks, lunches, and dinners in the restaurants scattered on the beaches (see the Gastronomy section)
  • Enjoy the delights of a waterfall bath, at the end of Iporanga beach
  • São Pedro is the surf beach
  • The small Praia das Conchas makes up the trio of Iporanga beaches has a calm sea, perfect for those who don't like waves
  • Discovering the 700 meters of Praia do Pinheiro, a cove surrounded by rocks, strong sea, waves, is an idea; access can be through Condomínio Taguaíba or by boat leaving Perequê or Pontal da Bertioga
  • Tijucopava is the beach of the condominium of the same name and deserves a visit walking from São Pedro beach


Several shops with clothes, decorative objects, beachwear, books, cigars, located inside the mini-malls on the beaches

  • Well known:
  • Juquehy Shopping, Shopping Pátio Camburi
  • Fabrics: Regatta, Ilhabela

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