In addition to a historical destination, cultural events, and gastronomic appeal (not to mention its famous cachaças, celebrated internationally), Paraty is for those who want peace or bustle, but mainly to live another life experience by the sea.

Whoever arrives, leaves the metropolis behind, starts to enjoy things forgotten in time. Carefree strolls through the stone streets of the welcoming city, with renowned visitors such as artists, writers, photographers.

There are still some corners that house sophisticated and isolated houses as in Saco do Mamanguá and others with indescribable infrastructure as the houses of Condomínio de Laranjeiras.

Only those who fell in love with Paraty a long time ago know the real difference between these two worlds.



Paraty is a colonial city, which was part of the Caminho do Ouro between the 17th and 18th centuries. It has the backdrop of mountains of Atlantic Forest, in addition to sixty-five islands in the Bay of Paraty, with stunning beaches and waterfalls. The city has several resident artists, such as writers, painters, and sculptors, and breathes culture throughout the year, in addition to hosting the internationally recognized FLIP Literary Fair.

  • Schools nearby: Objetivo and Escola Waldorf
  • Hospitals: Santa Casa de Angra dos Reis
  • Markets: Multimarket; Emporium Gastromar - delicacies and wines; Rural Producer Fair - with 60 artisanal producers of organic products
  • Churches: Igreja da Matriz Santíssima Trindade and Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
  • Hotels: Pousada Literária and Pousada do Sandi, among others
  • Marinas:


Charming restaurants with seafood cuisine, some sophisticated, some by the beach.

  • Well known:
  • Gastromar, at Marina Porto Imperial Paraty which also does a gourmet boat trip and events al mare
  • Hiltinho, on the Ilha do Algodão Paraty
  • Reis Magos, Saco do Céu, Angra dos Reis
  • Banana da Terra - Paraty Historic Center
  • Less known:
  • Bartholomeu
  • Bars:
  • Bar da Praia- Pé na areia
  • Armazém da Cachaça
  • Gourmet:
  • Empório Gastromar
  • Armazém da Cachaça


In addition to boat trips to the islands, trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls, and walking tours to Saco do Mamanguá, Paraty offers visits to artists' studios, visits to historic points in the city center.

  • Cultural Activities: Brazilian Music Exhibition; Flip - Paraty Literary Festival; Paraty in Focus; Gastronomic festival
  • Beach walks, water sports, paddle tennis, stand up
  • Drinks, lunches, and dinners in restaurants around the city and the islands and Angra dos Reis (see the Gastronomy section)


Several shops with clothes, decorative objects, beachwear, books, handicrafts, art galleries located on the streets of the city.

  • Well known:
  • Richards
  • Paraty Bookstore
  • Less known:
  • Fashion - Sonia Soares and Angela Dias
  • Also, close by, in Angra dos Reis there is Pirata's Mall - a mall complete with shops, restaurants, and service stores

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