Its latitude causes the sun to shine illuminating its scenes as in a unique cinematic effect.

The countryside, with its landscape and nature, makes some properties have, at the same time, a rustic and sophisticated climate.

The "beach" side, with its beautiful beaches like Barra, José Ignacio and some places that few know like La Laguna, the trendy beach club La Caracola, Garzon, which has Francis Malmann and so many other locations, lagoons and rivers where they build unimaginable properties, such as the houses of the exclusive Fasano Las Piedras condominium.

In this fantastic scenario, only those who have been to Punta for years know how to choose the best among so many options.



Punta Del Este is one of the most popular resorts in the world. Destination of the international jet set, it is 120km away from the city of Montevideo. Playa Brava, open sea, Barra, with calm waters bathed by the Rio da Plata, José Ignacio with restaurants, shops, and bars frequented by "beautiful people" from all over the world. It is a charming destination with options for different audiences.

  • Schools nearby: International College, Woodside
  • Hospitals: Círculo Católico Hospital
  • Churches: Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Fátima
  • Hotels: Fasano Las Piedras, Playa Vik, Estancia Vik, Garzon
  • Clubs: Yacht Club


Charming restaurants with seafood cuisine, some sophisticated, some by the beach, in addition to the countless bars for drinks.

  • Most known:
  • Parador La Huella - José Ignacio
  • Francis Mallmann - Garzon
  • El Caracoles
  • Afternoon tea at Hotel Las Cumbres
  • Gourmet:
  • Grand Cru Wines
  • Bodega Garzon


In addition to walks on the beaches, trekking, horses, kayaking and canoeing are part of a very versatile day-to-day.

  • Cultural Activities: Fundación Pablo Atchugarry
  • Beach walks, water sports, Beverly Hills
  • Drinks, lunches, and dinners at restaurants and stops.


Several shops with clothes, decorative objects, beachwear, books, handicrafts, art galleries located on the streets of José Ignacio. The Conrad Casino has international brands.

Alguns imóveis do nosso portfólio (temos outros que só podemos mostrar reservadamente). Consulte.