Spectacular buildings, incredible rooftops, charming houses, large and small apartments make up Vila Nova Conceição neighborhood, starting at Ibirapuera Park, after a recent renovation, has once again become one of the most emblematic and beloved spots in the city.

Around the squares, bicycles, marathon runners, triathletes, people after outdoor exercises gathering through this quiet and charming neighborhood, we can also find many century trees.

It is a neighborhood that keeps changing. Every day a new store or restaurant opens, a new building is raised.

Only those who live every minute of this movement can tell where things accelerate or are suspended in time on this neighborhood today so desired (and valued!).



Close to the best-known park in São Paulo - Ibirapuera, Vila Nova Conceição neighborhood offers several facilities to make the lives of the residents very convenient.

  • Schools nearby: the traditional Lourenço Castanho, Waldorf and Escola Viva, the bilingual Maple Bear and the highly regarded Insper College
  • Hospitals: São Luiz and the new Vila Nova Star, as well as several large laboratories located on Avenida República do Líbano
  • Malls: very close to the neighborhood, the residents have Iguatemi JK, Vila Olímpia, and Ibirapuera
  • Markets: Empório São Paulo, several Pão de Açúcar, the sophisticated Eataly, St. Marché
  • Churches: Santa Terezinha
  • Sports: Clube Monte Líbano and Sírio Libanês and the Ibirapeura Gymnasium complex
  • Pulmann São Paulo, Ibirapuera Hotels
  • Movie theater: several theaters in JK and Vila Olímpia malls
  • Museums: Bienal Foundation, MAM, MAC, Afro Brasil Museum, Japanese Pavilion, all in the Ibirapuera complex
  • Art Galleries: Caribé, Thomas Baccaro, Gabriel Wickbold
  • Bookstores: CBNews Books, Livraria Martins Fontes, Livraria da Vila


Walking through Vila Nova Conceição, between its tree-lined streets and squares, such as the trendy Pereira Coutinho, to reach Ibirapuera Park is already a tour.

  • Outdoor sports at Ibirapuera Park
  • Walking with pets
  • Lunches, dinners, and drinks. As a flat neighborhood, it is easy to walk during the day and night to enjoy the great gastronomic offer
  • Movie theaters: Cinemark Shopping JK and Vila Olímpia
  • Museums: Bienal Foundation, MAM, MAC, Afro Brasil Museum, Japanese Pavilion
  • Art Galleries: Caribé, Thomas Baccaro, Gabriel Wickbold
  • Bookstores: Livraria da Vila, CBNews Books, Livraria Martins Fontes


The most renowned restaurants can be found in the neighborhood's surroundings.

  • Attimo
  • Kinoshita - one of the best Japanese in town
  • Josephine
  • Countess
  • Le Manjue
  • Frutaria - a point at Helio Pellegrino, which brings together supporters of healthy life
  • Less known:
  • Koshô
  • Extásia - wine bar/restaurant in the Grand-Cru wine shop


Shopping malls: Iguatemi JK, Vila Olímpia, and Ibirapuera are very close to the neighborhood. And also street stores with the most varied products: fashion, natural products, wines, bed, bath, and table, among others.

  • Fashion: Mixed, Lenny Niemeyer, Bo. Bo, Claudete and Deca, Track and Field, Animale, Annexe, Le Lis Blanc
  • Decoration: Casa Fortaleza, Blue Gardenia
  • Wine: Grand Cru, World Wine
  • Gourmet: Empório São Paulo
  • Services: Multicoisas, Candela Velas, K&D Ideias Legais, Papelaria Peixinho Dourado, Pão de Festa, Smart Pet, Dog's Family

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