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Advantages and disadvantages

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  • You acquire a property that will always value, independent on financial crisis and other factors
  • All the investment or improvements done add to the equity of your patrimony and values it
  • You are not at the mercy of a landlord who can make the property you use unavailable when the lease ends (or before that)
  • At any time you can turn it into a source of income by renting it
  • Regular care and maintenance are needed, so that its always valuable
  • Requires monthly cost of operation / maintenance / taxes
  • Despite frequent valorization, depending on the economic moment, you have to adjust the selling value in order to have immediate liquidity
  • You know exactly the cost (and the period) of occupation
  • You don't get stuck in a property if you want to change
  • The entire amount spent on rent or improvements is a cost, not a financial investment
  • The ideal property is not always available (or even exists!)
  • Often the feeling of occupying another's property creates discomfort
Buy finished
  • You choose the architect and the exact project of your dreams and needs
  • The cost is, in general, 30% cheaper than buying a finished property
  • You control the work schedule and payment flow
  • Choosing an architect / project, while pleasurable, requires attention
  • It is necessary to monitor / manage the work regularly
  • It takes about 2 years to build (if there is no setback ... and there always is!)
  • If there is a change in design or additions (you need to be very disciplined) the cost of the work can “burst”
  • When buying a property under construction is necessary to have a good contract with guarantees and a fine for late delivery due to the builder's fault
Buy finished
  • You change in a few days
  • You know and experience the real project before you buy
  • No need to follow the work
  • You know exactly how much the property will cost
  • You cannot change the project (increase or create rooms) without cost or delay
  • You pay, in theory, 30% more than if you build it
  • There is builder warranty for 5 or 10 years for construction failures and addictions
  • You are sure everything is brand new
  • You finish your way, giving your final “touch”
  • There are advantageous mortgage types by both the developer and banks
  • Small repairs and finishes are always needed
  • The property is in good order (if it has been well maintained)
  • You can change immediately and “live” any changes that you desire to make
  • In general, it costs cheaper than a new propert
  • Although a good inspection can be done, there are always some issues to be repaired
  • Harder to get mortgage or long-term installments
  • Sometimes renovating demands more work than building
At sight
À vista
  • Always get you a good discount
  • There are no surprises regarding interest rate and / or future indexes
  • You can go straight to the final Deed, saving lawyers time and costs, including the payment of deposit
  • There are none
  • There is no need for such a large disbursement
  • Developers often offer very attractive and convenient rates and plans
  • The renting can be replaced by the mortgage amount, turning cost into investment
  • More complex and time-consuming approval process
  • Sometimes the credit score can be compromised
  • There is a need for guarantees or mortgages

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Jardim Europa


Cidade Jardim


Vila Nova Conceição

Clube Pinheiros

Alto de Pinheiros

Morumbi e Arredores

Fazenda Boa Vista

Quinta da Baroneza

Fazenda da Grama

Haras Larissa

Campos do Jordão

Interior de SP

Litoral Norte


Angra dos Reis




São Conrado

Barra da Tijuca

Lagoa da Conceição

Jurerê Internacional



Punta del Leste

Buenos Aires

Miami Beach






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